Turisthotel Catering Services has been providing hotel-style catering services at on-shore and off-shore locations around the world since 1978.

“Everything is easier when you’re served the same kind of food that you eat with your family.”


A taste of home wherever you may be!

Our professional nutritionists and chefs take great care to prepare the meals as naturally as possible and to keep them diverse and authentic. We use only fresh ingredients of attested origin and advise you how to select high-quality menu combinations and adapt them to your needs.

We organise everyday meals, warm and cold buffets, cocktails and corporate banquets and events in accordance with the most demanding standards of quality, food traceability and food safety (HACCP).

We aim to provide culinary pleasures inspired by the rich, familiar flavours of your heritage, and round off our menus with desserts from our own production.