Turisthotel Catering Services has been providing hotel-style catering services at on-shore and off-shore locations around the world since 1978.

A taste of home wherever you may be!

Since 1978, TH Catering Services has been helping partners to create and implement even the most demanding events at on-shore and off-shore installations and industrial complexes.*

Our team of 160 permanently employed professionals provides full catering services around the world, while systematically working on upgrading its knowledge and skills.  
We coordinate more than 400 first-class hotel chefs, waiters and assistants and adapt our services to your needs, your means and any special dietary requests you may have; all of our employees possess the necessary professional certificates and competencies.

With our catering services, our aim is to provide a taste of home for your employees wherever their working location may be. Get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

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*TH Catering Services is part of Croatia’s leading hospitality and tourism group, Turisthotel p.l.c., founded in 1959.